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Are you in need of an electrician in Rockland County, Westchester ot Northern  New Jersey?    Are you looking for “old world craftsmanship and the best of the new world’s technology?  Anthony Donadio, the President of A Donadio Electric, Inc., has built his business on seven cornerstones:

7 Keys to choosing and Electrician in Rockland County, Westchester & Northern NJ

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The friendly, skilled Electricians ready to serve homeowners in Rockland, Westchester, NJ & CT.

Anthony Donadio is a third-generation electrician who has built his business on following principals:

  1. Trust
  2. Skill & Craftsmanship
  3. Knowledge
  4. On-time service
  5. Personal service
  6. Flexible scheduling
  7. Emergency service

Trust – Too many business people will tell Rockland County residents or for that matter anyone anything to get a job.  As an electrician,  Anthony knows that every job must be done correctly with no corners cut.  The lives of your family or employees are at stake.   A Donadio Electric, Inc. will never cut corners to deliver a low price.  Additionally, their estimates are complete and accurate.   There are some contractors that “accidentally” skip key items and then add them in as extras, just to deliver a low bid.  Donadio will review the job and develop a complete and detailed estimate.  He will also take the time to explain why the work he proposes is necessary both in the short and long term.   Anthony’s word is his bond; he works hard to earn his customer’s trust and even harder to keep it.

High level of skill & Craftsmanship – Anthony Donadio grew up in the business, is a third generation electrician and has over 25 years of experience. He not only has a Master Electrical License in Rockland County, Westchester County, New Jersey and Connecticut, but he is also a certified electrical inspector.  A Donadio Electric, Inc.  truly are electricians” where old world craftsmanship meets new world technology.”  From the smallest of residential jobs to the most complex and large commercial or industrial projects,  they have the skill, ability and desire to exceed your expectations.

Knowledge – Anthony has been building his knowledge as an electrician since he was a boy when his father and grandfather started to teach him the trade.  As a youth,  Anthony learned the old-world dedication to quality and craftsmanship.  Mr. Donadio was not satisfied with just the old ways.  As mentioned above he completed all qualifications to be a master electrician not only in Rockland County but also in Westchester, NJ and CT too.  Anthony has completed his 10 hour OSHA training course on construction safety and health and is certified by the National Center for  Construction Education and Research as a Certified Electrical Training Instructor.  As you can see his tag-line, “where old world craftsmanship meets new world technology.” is the reality, not just nice words…

On-time service –  If you live in Rockland, Westchester or Northern New Jersey, your time is at a premium.   People in the NY metro are hate to have their schedule disrupted by an electrician who is hours late.  Anthony Donadio lives in Rockland County and knows the frustration of service people showing up 3 hours late.  He feels it is very disrespectful and unprofessional and is dedicated to delivering on-time service to every customer.

Personal Service  –  For three generations the Donadio’s have delivered “Old World Craftsmanship”.  Part of that old world way is respect for the customer and delivering personal, friendly service.  Anthony and his crews will always take the time to be friendly and explain what needs to be done and why it is necessary.  Finally, your home or business will be left neat and clean.  A Donadio Electric, Inc., treats each customer as if they were neighbors.  It is no wonder that they have customers where they service their children and grandchildren.

Flexible scheduling –  Anthony understands the pressures on the residents and businesses in Rockland, Westchester nad Northen NJ .  He is always honored to welcome a new customer to the family.  He also knows that one of the best ways to earn his customer’s trust and loyalty is to work around their schedule, not the other way around.  You may be a commercial establishment that needs overnight work to keep your business running normally during the day – no problem.  You may be an industrial firm that needs weekend scheduling to keep weekday production flowing.  Or, you may be a resident who needs special scheduling.  Flexible scheduling is never a problem with A Donadio Electric, Inc.

Emergency Service –  Electrical problems can be life threatening; happening at all hours of the day and night.  It would be nice if they just happened during normal weekday business hours, but they don’t.  Be assured if you have an electrical emergency in Rockland County, Westchester or Northern NJ,  A Donadio Electric, Inc. will pull out every stop to get to you quickly, stabilize the situation and then repair it properly.

A Donadio – The best value for an Electrician in Rockland County, Westchester, Northern NJ 

The residents and business people in the metro NY area are highly educated consumers.   When it comes to purchasing the services of an electrician, they know that quality never can be sacrificed.  However, the savvy buyer is looking for the best value.  The value of an electricians service can be determined by adding fair and competitive rates to the seven keys to choosing an electrician.  If you are located in Rockland County Westchester, Northern NJ and are looking for an electrician who will complete your job as if you were their neighbor; complete the e-mail form or call 845-589-0019 – you will be glad you did!

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